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There is a quickening consolidation in agriculture today that emcompasses both agri business and cattle producers alike. This consolidation is also taking place provincially in that the concentration of cattle production is moving west. Currently close to 75% of all cattle in Canada are located in Alberta and Saskatchewan. This number going forward is forcasted to grow further given a number of economic factors.

Welcome to Canada's beef capital(s)

This region of Canada (AB & SK) and the cattle numbers within, is in fact, the second largest beef producing region in North America.

Our three publications with just over 40,000 in circulation, is as close to blanket coverage of cattle producers in Alberta and Saskatchewan that you'll find anywhere. No other media can make this claim. Targeting ONLY cattle producers, your advertising message is effective and will bring you the results you want and expect. It's cost effective and by using one, two or all three of our publications, it can be tailored to your needs.

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